Jason Steere

Partner and co-founder

Specializing in helping create and reinvent brands that thrive in an ever-changing world, Jason has a passion for crafting large-scale, memorable brand experiences. Such a passion that he co-founded a brand strategy and design agency called Storeage. In the last eight years, Storeage has made a name for itself by changing the way brands interact with customers, and in turn making cash registers ring for clients like Sonos, Dockers, HP, ING, Levi’s, and Under Armour. They’ve done it by assembling the best minds and eyes in the branding game and now have offices in Amsterdam, Seattle, Beijing and Singapore.

Jason, who is American/Chinese, is a global nomad, having lived in the US, Europe, Asia and he uses those experiences that come along with having a heavily-stamped passport to cultivate a true, 3D approach to establishing meaningful brand/consumer dialogue. His blueprint begins with a strategic plan and ends with a brand experience that not only sells, but creates a long-lasting relationship with the consumer at the same time.

When he’s not “at one” with his travel pillow or collaborating with clients, Jason speaks frequently about the new media brands can use to enhance the retail experience. For more information, you should visit store-age.nl and you’ll see why he’s an ambassador for change in this space.


Leendert Tange

Partner and co-founder  

Leendert’s fifteen years of experience in retail disciplines - such as interactive, packaging, instore advertising and environmental design - give him a unique perspective on helping clients meet their brand management and marketing challenges. It has been his mission to add meaning to retail brand both in terms of added revenues and long-term loyalty of clients.

At Storeage, Leendert has helped delivering fresh, innovative and award-winning creative to a variety of international sport, fashion, technology and service oriented brands including Timberland, LiNing, Nike ACG, Adidas, ING, TNT postal services, and T-Mobile. 

Before he co-founded Storeage, Leendert worked for a series of Dutch design agencies and for Nike’s European retail department. He lectures regularly on retail and design at TU Delft and is on the board of BNO, the trade organization for Dutch design. He has also been on the jury for the Dutch Design Awards.

It’s no surprise that Leendert is in high demand as a speaker at retail industry events and is a welcome partner at retail focus groups.

Martijn Hoogendijk

Art Director

An award winning and internationally renowned designer, Martijn brings more than 15 years experience to his role as Art Director at Storeage. His designs and creative direction have been critical to the success of retail projects at Storeage over the past 7 years for such clients as Adidas, Burn, Coca-Cola, ING, KPN, NIKE, Rabobank, T-Mobile and UPC.

When he is not creating award-winning designs for Storeage, he is still active with his other business, DUM Office, designing furniture and other interior projects. His designs have been exhibited by museums around the world including the MOMASF in San Francisco, the Museum of Decorative Art in Copenhagen, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the V&A Museum in London.

Martijn’s work has also been published in Tashen’s Designing the 21st Century, Ludion’s Designers in Nederland and Frame Publishers’Happening Design for Events. He has worked as a tutor and design department coordinator at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, his alma mater.