In an age where retail is no longer just about stores and merchandise, consumers are harder to reach and competition has travelled beyond the borders of the physical high street, we welcome you to the ‘storeage’.

Storeage is an Amsterdam-based retail strategy and design agency. Our goal is to redefine the retail experience for our clients and their customers, based on our deep understanding of brands and consumers.

We view retail as a platform where product and consumer meet, where stories are shared and interaction is key. Where shopping becomes branding and each experience makes the difference. Our designs are not just about selling products - they allow consumers to develop a lasting relationship with a brand and to experience it with all their senses.

Storeage’s creative team is made up of the best minds and eyes in the industry. Our close-knit group of retail architects, communication experts, interactive designers, visual merchandisers, marketing and branding professionals incorporates ten nationalities with studios in Europe and Asia. Sharing our differences gives us a global perspective, keeps us fresh and allows us to develop a market specific approach for each retail challenge.